Ship Broking

SBN shipbroker division offers spot and period Chartering, S&P and market research across all commercial Shipping sectors.

Commercial Management

SBN undertakes full commercial management for third party clients.

We provide:


  • Analyse the freight market to review existing trends and develop new strategies based on supply and demand.
  • Develop a framework and process to manage business risk in chartering operations
  • Develop strategies for resource planning and utilisation
  • Monitor and manage performance of chartering business to optimise revenue for the business.
Fixture Negotiations
  • Full Indications
  • Firm Offers with most protective terms and conditions
  • Fixing Charter Parties
Post Fixturing and Voyage Management
  • Instruction Of Master and Crew
  • Appointment of Agents
  • Arranging of Bunkers
  • Controlling of Documentation
  • Laytime Calculation
  • Ensuring fixtures are concluded according to the proper interpretation of charter party clauses and shipping terms/practices
  • Ensuring Disputes and managing arbitration with PandI Club over claim issues
  • Ensuring timely receipts of hire, freight, reimbursement claims and other outstanding amounts
  • Managing compliance to risk management frameworks, policies and processes
  • Optimising utilisation of resources

Business Development, Strategy and Organization

Investigates/helps identifying business opportunities for shipping-entrepreneurs.
We provide assistance for strategic Outlook.
Additionally we assist in analyzing the interplay between strategy and company culture.

New Building

SBN has extensive knowledge of all main segments of seagoing vessels and has a proven track record of securing competitive newbuilding slots for Top Shipping Companies around the world for most types of merchant vessels.


We assist in analyzing the the existing maturity level of digitaliztion and automation, as well as provide competitive benchmarking analysis.
We assist in developing digitalization strategies focused not only on what the end point should be, but also how ro realistically get there - including the ramifications from organizational changes as well as changes necessary from the customers


The SBN commercial marine insurance division enables you to manage risk more effectively and economically, providing coverage that is based not on what the markets can do, but on your specific marine insurance needs.